Singtel vs Starhub Broadband

There has been numerous blogs, articles and discussion on the forum over ‘who is the best’.  In recent weeks, I found my own answer to the question. A practical perspective for practical life.

While I have been a Starhub broadband customer for more than 8 years, I didn’t had the urge to change provider until recently. I signed up for SingTel broadband while keeping the Starhub’s one. Now I have both Internet service in my home.

Cable, DSL Pros and Cons

I always liked Internet connection via cable because it’s easy and transparent. Bring any cable modem around Singapore and you could access the internet as long you have a cable point. No user name and password to remember, no disconnections, no channels or ISP settings to remembers. It is easy and portable.  SingTel’s is based on DSL (Digital Symmetric Line) technology which tie the service to a fixed telephone line. It is not portable, cost money when you move to other address, disruption for few days during service move period, and with user name/password to remember.  This basically summarized the fundamental benefit of Cable vs DSL technology.

To DSL defense, it is easier to implement for telco companies by using existing phone network and some upgrades on the Central Office/Exchange (CO). Establishing cable service would need laying a cable around the city. In some countries/city where city planning is complex or over-populated, cable coverage is limited and not available to part of the population.  A good example would be Jakarta. Telkom has been able to provide its Speedy ADSL service through out the country in short-term, while KabelVision has limited coverage and slow to expand.  For many part of the population, DSL seems to be the obvious choice.

Singapore is unique as it has a good coverage for both cable and DSL-based Internet service.  Still some landed properties (read: normal houses) needs thousands of dollars to have their cable connection activated.  In that case, unless Cable TV service is important, DSL is again a choice.

 Starhub’s MaxOnline

Starhub has been the frontrunner when it comes to raw speed. It offered network connection measured in Mbit/s when SingTel still in Kbit/s. (1 Mbit/s = 1000 Kbits/s) many years back.  The charges for its services was quite affordable and it was a logical choice for existing CableTV customer. One bill and account for both services.  Customer was not required to have a fixed line as a pre-requisite. 

In 8 years being MaxOnline customer, I admire Starhub at times as they are able to deliver a really fast download speed up to 900 KB/s. (Note KB=KiloBytes, Kb=Kilobits. 1 KB = 8 Kb). In this case, it delivers close to 7.2 Mbit/s of speed. Services seems fast, and it keeps upgrading the raw speed.  A lower tier plan has the maximum speed of 2 Mbit/s 6 years ago and now it is 8 Mbit/s.

The main problems with Starhub’s Maxonline are:

  1. It is a shared bandwidth from your home to Starhub’s backbone. This means if within an area there are more subscriber and heavy users, you’d be likely competing with other users in the area before it gets into the backbone.
  2. Fast download speed is largely due to content that has been cached in the proxy servers. Unique content remains slow and nowhere near the maximum speed in most of the cases.  Downloading commons files using browser e.g. Windows Service Pack is very fast, while downloading Ahead Nero or Linux distribution that less commonly downloaded will take significantly slower.
  3. With regard to point 2 above, it is clear that selecting a higher plan e.g. 12 Mbps or 100 Mbps would not provide significant improvement over network performance for those who accesses Internet content most of the time compared to local content.  Higher plans fulfill certain niche user requirements (e.g. Local gamers, access to local universities, etc), but not to average joe like myself.

Starhub has been promoting its ‘Fat green pipe’, which makes logical sense. My real life experience for the past years still hold that Starhub is slow for unique content and fast for local/cached content.  Recently, I downgraded my plan from MaxOnline Premium (12 Mbit/s) to MaxOnline Express (8Mbit/s). I saved around S$ 20/month and has not experienced any slowness from my previous faster plan. 

Starhub’s illustration.Starhub\'s \

Starhub may have the widest shared bandwidth, but it can be really narrow if there are plenty of users contenting on the pipe.  Let’s imaging a fixed shared bandwidth of 100 Mbps shared between 10 and 1000 users, this mean the effective average bandwidth will be 10 Mbps/user and 0.1 Mbps/user.  So this is the fine print that consumer should have in mind.

In Singtel case, each customer has a dedicated connection to Exchanges or Central Office (CO). This means a dedicated and deterministic bandwidth allocation for each user. If the technology allows a bandwidth of 100 Mbps for a user, it’ll be the same for all users.  From home to the central office, there is no contention for bandwidth yet.

Up to this point, it leads to the same path which is the company’s backbone. It depends on the capacity of the overall bandwidth to the Internet cloud. In short, Starhub customers have to compete in each area for bandwidth before going out the internet, while SingTel customer skips the first competition in going to the Internet.


My two weeks experience with SingNet so far has been very positive. It is fast and problem-free so far. I have not experience any issues as I had in the past when I was in Australia. Username and password need only to be entered once at the router and I do get a similar speed on all day long. This is different from MaxOnline where I can have varied network performance during the day.

The upload speed offered by SingTel is also significantly higher than Maxonline’s. A 10 Mbps plan (S$ 88/month) offered 1 Mbps upload speed while MaxOnline’s 12 Mbps plan (S$ 81.32/month) offers 0.384 Mbps). That’s a 3 times faster upload speed.  Upload speed matters, as uploading attachment to web-based email or uploading photos to Flickr can take a very long time with Maxonline.

SingNet illustrations on consistency can be read here.


I haven’t been a fond of youtube service as I never get a smooth video clip play from MaxOnline. When a clip played, the download speed is slower than the playing speed, thus frequent pauses. SingNet on the other hand has consistently faster download speed to play, thus no delay at all when playing a clip.

Customer Care

Starhub provides one of the best customer service I ever experienced. It has one customer care for Phone, Cable, Internet and other broadband product operating 24/7 365 days a year. I can call them any time and generally satisfied with the support provided.

Update (12/05/2008): I changed my cable modem device to a newer version. It took a couple of phone calls but were executed on the same day within an hour. That was a Sunday evening.

SingTel has two separate customer service. The first is for account-related issues that are handled by Sales team (1610). It open 08.00-18.00 Monday-Friday. The second is for technical support which open 24/7 similar like Starhub.  Calling an incorrect customer service will have you referred to the other side. I find myself having to wait for the next working days to inquire some account-related issues.  This would not happen with Starhub’s.

Apart from the limited time on Account-related customer service, Service activation with SingTel takes 9 working days!  Any changes in the service e.g. changing username will take another 3 working days. This is exactly opposite with Starhub which virtually instantneously.  I had a broken Cable modem before and called in the middle of the night, I am back online after providing a spare modem’s serial number which they configured right away.

Practical advice

Without considering the premiums given to obtain the services in contractual basis (which influences potential customer greatly), I say SingTel broadband service is a choice for those who demand performance. Given that one can benefits from what it can offers and be able to accept the shortcomings.

Starhub’s Maxonline would appeal mostly to those who need a fast speed, fuss-free in accessing local or cached content and local universities. Higher raw speed enables faster access to these networks within Singapore.  Most users won’t need more than MaxOnline Express if they are accessing overseas content more than the local ones.

Opinions expressed in this article are mine and does not represent any affiliations to any organizations that I may have.

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62 Responses to “Singtel vs Starhub Broadband”

  1. Mark Hampton Says:

    I was googling this very topic and read your review, quite interesting.

    I’m an expat that frequently accesses US services (Google, amazon, music services, etc.)

    I have been on Starhub’s Maxonline for about a year. It’s been very slow to me. In regards to your experience with youtube, that’s a litmus test for me, too. Every video is very slow and stutters.

    Are you still satisified with Singtel Broadband? Do you think that accessing streaming media like youtube is still better with Singtel? Thanks in advance…

  2. ongl Says:

    As the article was written very recent, I stand with my findings. YouTube videos never stutters or slower than the playing time. I never had to be annoyed with waiting video to buffers completely.

    I’m so far satisfied with Singtel. I keep it on all the time, while I switch off my Starhub’s from time to time. When I uses a bandwidth intenstive application e.g. updating to Windows XP SP3 or download Linux images, I’ll use SingNet for it and Browse using Starhub.

    So if youtube and a consistent quality is important for you, go with SingTel. My plan is 10Mbits, so not sure if you’ll get the same quality with lower plan. Do note that my singnet plan is dedicated for Internet and I don’t use it for Digital Voice from SingTel or TV service (Mio).

  3. Keith Says:

    I know this topic is slightly off from what you’ve covered..however, am exploring the option of using Starhub’s digital voice plan instead of using the analog Singtel voice line, do you have any experiences on the service? Have heard from a friend that the digital voice clarity is not as good as the analog.

  4. ongl Says:

    I have been using Starhub’s Digital voice line since the first time it was launched. At most of the time (99%+), I’m satisfied with it until recently, I heard some caller having a bit difficulties in hearing my voice. This didn’t happen until a few weeks back but not that serious though.

    I have both SingTel fixed line (Emergency-quality grade) and Starhub’s Digital voice (non-emergency quality grade). If you can afford both (it costs S$25/3 months for Singtel fixed line), why don’t get it both? You can’t rely on any VOIP providers for emergency situation and they have stated this clearly in Term of Use.

    The service comes free if you’re maxonline customer. With voice-enabled modem, you’re set. So I’d suggest to you sign up for one and see how does it suits you. Remember that leaving the modem ON is required so that people can call you. SingTel doesn’t need any power when connected to a normal handset.

  5. Blues Says:

    hi, i need help to decide between singnet & starhub

    currently, i am M1 mobilephone user, i have been with M1 since 1990s, as for internet connection, i used to have PacNet but terminated this year

    lately with singtel & starhub giving such comprehensive 3-in-1 packages, i really want to switch to one of them

    i need wireless broadband @home to connect to my notebook PC & PDA

    singnet now has 10Mbps @$83 for 30 months with Acer notebook $2286

    while starhub has 8Mbps @$60 for 24 months with HP minibook $999

    i don’t know which to get

    for convenience, i prefer to have TV, broadband & mobile all into 1-bill

    is singnet or starhub better overall?

    thank you for helping

  6. ongl Says:

    Starhub has pretty good deal, for S$60, you’ll get mobile broadband as well. One year contract will provide you with a Huawei modem worth close to S$400, while 2-year contract will provide you with HP MiniNote.

    If performance is not an issue and you’d like one-bill convinience, you should signup for Starhub.

    Please read other post on Starhub plus and negative points.

  7. steph Says:

    im from canada and work at Singapore. I use ip tv with slingbox on sattelite based in canada , im with STARHUB , i pay for 12 mgps and with my different test i made , i realise i have only 4 mgps. The problem is not my connection in canada because im directly plugged on COGENT (t1). So with 3 or 4 mbps its imposible to watch iptv, its always lagging so i dont know what i can do. The money is not a problem but i want to have the right service for what i pay !!! Somebody have suggestion?

    Dont go on starhub….

  8. Annie Says:

    I have both Starhub and Singtel internet services. I love watching online videos and Starhub is such a pain when it comes to streaming. I was wondering whether it was not a problem with them but with my own computer etc and I found your blogpost. It cleared up my doubts that the slow streaming of Youtube and Tudou videos have nothing to do with my modem and computer and I can blame it on Starhub. Thanks! I have been wondering for quite a long time. Once my contract with Starhub ends, Singnet here I come!

  9. Performance Lover Says:

    Starhub is slow, I ran several speed tests, and I am on the 12mbps plan and I found practically having just 1% of the 12mbps or less during peak hours, which is frustrating because you don’t get what you paid for. And speed-speed plans Singnet is cheaper too.

  10. reni Says:

    hi, I am using starhub 12mbps too, and I am getting 12kbps max even at 2.26 am in the morning…. what peak time that could it be?

  11. Padmeajedi Says:

    I use YouTube frequently, I was planning for starhub but from ur comments now i will go for SingNet.

  12. Damien Says:


    I agreed that Singnet is faster than Starhub in term of video streaming and Starhub speed during night time is sometime quite terrible. I think too many people watching Cable TV!!

    • ongl Says:

      Not really, big bandwidth doesn’t mean low latency. Let just say that the bigger the road is, doesn’t guarantee the speed you can travel on it. Imagine you are in a stable, nicely-made flat road, you can travel very fast, but if you’re travelling on bumpy roads, even there is no congestion, you’ll get slowed down.

      Video and streaming contents need a stable and low latency, if there are disruptions/bumps, then it’ll lag.

  13. Jeremy Says:

    Hello, I am currently a Starhub user for the past 3 months. I’d been through the up and down of the bandwidth. Usually, I can get up to 600 or 800kbps in the morning before 10am then the speed start to deteriorated later into the days. I suspect that more user in vicinity started to use Internet so I think that explain.

    Anyway, my main question is ‘Is Singnet used Proxy IP too?’ Because some social discussion site banned proxy-internet users such as Starhub internet subscriber. It is really frustrating.

    • ongl Says:

      Yes, Both uses proxies, may be it’s mandatory. SingNet proxy can be patchy at times i.e. some websites won’t work unless you specify their proxy server in the browser. It’s quite common with cable networks that you get inconsistent speed. Imagine if your neighbors start using torrents or downloading very fast local content, you’ll get slowed down significantly.

  14. anita Says:

    So thankful for your site. Am also subscribed to both Starhub and Singnet and want to cancel one. Have been making enquiries with the 2 providers over the past week and getting very confused in the process. Can you please tell me what’s the difference between Starhub’s 100Mbps and Singnet’s 10Mbps. Many thanks.

    • ongl Says:

      There is a big difference between 100 and 10mbits. I have paid Starhub Internet for many months since I have SIngnet but never use it. Until earlier this week, I was so surprised that Starhub seems to be very fast. My advise is to stick with both and if needs be, downgrade one of the internet service. Starhub can go slow anytime (like the in past).

      One advantage is that 100mbits Starhub service is really really fast for local / cached content. It also mention that it has a direct like to MSN and Yahoo, which means these two services will be very fast.

  15. Wayne Says:


    Thanks for this very comprehensive discussion. I am with Starhub but thinking of a change. I was looking at M1 which has better prices (I think!) than Starhub. Does anyone have experience with M1 broadband?

    Thanks, Wayne

    • ongl Says:

      I read some threads made over Hardwarezone, it seems M1 fixed line is no better than existing ones. Just like Pacific Net, they are actually reselling Starhub cable services.
      Singtel pretty much own the fixed line thus DSL internet connection, while Starhub owns the cable thus Cable internet. If you see any other companies offering either DSL and/or Cable, most likely they are getting a fixed bandwidth from Singtel/Starhub and resell the services.

      We get what we paid for…

  16. Haru Says:

    Thank you for sharing this review, i find it very useful as i’ve also been considering getting broadband from singtel or starhub…however, i was wondering if the comparison of the shared bandwith (consistency, streaming sites etc) for singtel/starhub broadband as mentioned above applies the same to mobile broadband? ’cause i’m considering to get mobile broadband for normal use, streaming sites/videos and downloads…and wondering singtel or starhub would be better…

    • ongl Says:

      Until recently, I found that Singtel is the only one can provide a smooth/non-lagging youtube transfer. To my surprise starhub (last two weeks) was able to achieve the same, but I need to see if that’s consistant.

      Starhub Mobile broadband is one of the highly regarded service but not their cable internet service.

  17. Aprunax Says:

    I have been recently having the same problem mentioned above. Starhub or SingTel I couldnt decide. Now its been one month already so I have to apply for a broadband plan. So in this case if performance is important for us, you recommend SingTel. I was thinking of choosing 8mbps plan instead of 10, does it make any huge difference in terms of speed?? and about download issues, can we use p2p programs or file-hosting sites?

  18. Haru Says:

    i see, i see…thank you very much for sharing your opinion!:)

  19. yl Says:

    I’m user of starhub for many many years now. Always thought that lagging youtube is because of youtube server is busy until I have a chance to compare it with singtel broadband. When I found this site, i’m convince now starhub really sucks. Will be switching to singtel soon.:-)

  20. SlowHub Says:

    Starhub only suitable for ppl to use off-peak. Once pass 7pm…u can stop surfing your internet, as it is very very slow…

  21. Z Says:

    Thanks for writing this up and sharing.

    I am about to terminate my StarHub Broadband on Mobile service. It is utterly unusable during peak hours. I am on the 3.2Mb/s plan, and get about 15KB/s to 30KB/s max during peak time. With frequent disconnections and timeouts to boot. No skype, YouTube, or internet banking is possible.

    When I first signed up 7 months ago it was a decent 150-190KB/s. It deteriorated rapidly after 2 months.

    Their customer service is astoundingly GOOD however.

    I am trying to decide between cabled MaxOnline Express or some equivalent Singnet offering. At this point I am tending towards Singnet. I cant bear the idea of getting MaxOnline only to get marginally better performance during peak times.

  22. Z Says:

    Thanks for writing this up and sharing.

    I am about to terminate my StarHub Broadband on Mobile service. It is utterly unusable during peak hours. I am on the 3.2Mb/s plan, and get about 15KB/s to 30KB/s max during peak time. With frequent disconnections and timeouts to boot. No skype, YouTube, or internet banking is possible. I primarily access foreign content.

    When I first signed up 7 months ago it was a decent 150-190KB/s. It deteriorated rapidly after 2 months.

    Their customer service is astoundingly GOOD however.

    I am trying to decide between cabled MaxOnline Express or some equivalent Singnet offering. At this point I am tending towards Singnet. I cant bear the idea of getting MaxOnline only to get marginally better performance during peak times.

  23. HAI Says:

    For those who are going to sign up starhub plan please take note: Starhub packages are only good for new sign up. The company don’t bother about the existing customers. I have cable broadband, cabletv and 4 mobile lines with starhub, all plans without contract. I had wanted to sign up for their latest home hubbing pack to enjoy the discount but was told that the package is not applicable for existing customer only for new sign up.

    With respect to their customer service, i got my own doubts. I called 3 time to starhub customer service on 3 different occasion, conflicting answers were given to me on a simple question. Since their home hubbing pack only available to new sign up, i try to ask whether can i terminate my cable broadband and sign up again as new customer? Some say yes, some say no. Went down to starhub shop in imm to ask again and was told can be done that way. Next day, went down to plaza singapura starhub shop thinking i can sign up, but i was told the promotion is not applicable to customers who terminate their StarHub services under the same service address after 27 February 2009. Wasted my time again and this episode showed how badly starhub trained their staff.

    As a loyal starhub customer for so many years and yet is not appreciated by the company, I have decided to terminate all my starhub services and change to M1 and Singtel. For M1 & Singtel, they allow existing customer without contract to renew their plan to enjoy new promotion. I guess this is loyalty appreciation and a fairer way to deal with existing customers. So for those who want to sign up for starhub plans, beware of these. After 2 yr when your contract expired, if you are held hostage by their hubbing club discount where you need to take all 3 services under 1 roof, be ready for starhub don’t bother attitude.

  24. Chao Says:

    starhub sux man cannot even play game

  25. kaike Says:

    This review helped a lot. I’m here for a bit more than a week now and have my own place. I wasn’t sure if I should get Starhub or Singtel, but since I like to watch some streaming material (not youtube, but The Daily Show (US)or ZDF-Mediathek (Germany) I’m leaning towards Singtel. The only thing is, I’m staying at a friends place right now and he has Singtel. And using skype is a pain in the ass, since the connection keeps breaking down every couple of minutes. According to a google search this seems to be quite common with Singtel. Any thoughts on that?

  26. doraM Says:

    Hi, i am sharing MaxOnline 12Mbps with my housemates for past 2 years. I use a lot of skype for video conferencing (long hours as my girlfriend is overseas)…so far it is fast and stable if i use it alone, but once my housemate start downloading (bittorent) and playing online game,i will suffer from VERY slow and unstable connection, cause my skype call dropped or even can’t make a call, very frustrating…
    so i am thinking to sign up my own plan after the contract end…
    my main usage is skype and google, NO download or gaming. My main concern is the connection has to be stable. so should i go to Starhub or Singnet?
    and another thing to take note is i may move house in half to 1 year time, so would it be a problem if i sign up Singnet?

  27. ExpatHK Says:

    Great post and discussion.
    Am using Starhub MaxOnline Express since 2 years and was always wondering if Singtel is better. Now I realize that the ridiculously slow streaming (e.g., Youtube) is not my laptop’s problem but a problem with Starhub.

    As I will be moving to a new apartment soon, will probably change to Singtel. Does the service differ in certain locations in Singapore or the same everywhere?

    Agree that Starhub customer service is pretty good though so I hope Singtel is not too bad.

  28. gs Says:

    I concur about SingNet’s customer service. Really unhelpful. If you’re a technical guy, then the Tech Support is useless to you; many people know more about networking then their engineers. I’m not talking sales people here, but the technical people. They don’t know what a traceroute is. They don’t know what ssh is.

    No comments about the non-technical customer service though.

    No lag in youtube for me. That’s, as mentioned above the litmus test. Singtel just wins on performance.

  29. detach Says:

    I use StarHub and would be switching to SingTel soon. I must say I am quite unsatisfied with StarHub’s performance. Though I work indirectly for SingNet, I’m not here to sell their services.

    There are fundamental differences in both telcos and you must weigh the pros and cons. SingTel is a 100+ year old company back from Malaysian Telecom days would have certain legacy processes, layers and layers of escalation, old people who refuse to change their mindsets. These causes issues such as support and activation delays. Not uncommon of old and large companies.

    StarHub being a very much younger company (estd in 2000 if I am not wrong) would have much more streamlined processes. However, I dare say SingNet has much superior bandwidth than StarHub.

    BTW, if you’re talking about engineers, SingNet has a very small core group of really good engineers. Most of the time you’re just getting replies from their CS department, not engineers. Their engineers certainly knows what traceroute and SSH are. That’s their rice bowl.

    Also, the long activation periods is valuable feedback. I will help to see if I can get this message across… as I mentioned, layers of escalation.


  30. detach Says:

    Opps, I forgot to mention. StarHub users, the Linksys router is a crap box. If you run BitTorrent, chances are your Linksys router’s CPU maxed out. Connect directly to the modem, you will see the difference.

  31. Safwan Says:

    Excellent discussion!

  32. Gosh Says:

    Have been a Starhub Maxonline Premium customer for quite some time and noticed the speed getting slower recently (few months just after I extended my contract).

    Called Starhub and they sent a technician down to do some tests. After bypassing the router and running the speedtest directly to the Starhub test site, the results were an impressive 20mbps. Much more than what my plan offers. But running the same test on shows a result lower than 1mbps.

    I always wondered what surfing on Singtel would be like. Thanks for your detailed article.

  33. Ah Jack Says:

    Seriously, SingNet Is Damn Useless. Customer Service Sucks. Internet Connection Getting Bad To Worse. FFS SingNet is pissing me off.. YOU PEOPLE DON’T NEED TO GET A 100MBPS OR 12MBPS OR WHATSO EVER.. JUST GET A 2MBPS DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS CRAP SERVICE.

  34. SSid Says:

    Does Singtel provide static IPs? It’s just that a got a music server which is streamed and it would be a pain to remap the IP address everytime the dynamic IP changes. Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance for any replies.

  35. acc Says:

    Youtube streaming on starhub is ridicuolously slow; I can’t even watch a few seconds of video before it pauses to buffer. On the other hand, the same video in HD version loads much faster on SingTel. No pause, no buffering whatsoever.

  36. starthub suck suck lah Says:

    actually i also though starhub really suck ,when i was subscribe to starhub,
    first two months very faster ,after that far too bad,but i have one week not in sg,after i came back,i browse website very smooth ,but when i started to download,after a few months,my internet very also slowly,so i though is if don’t download ,if for normal used just as surfing net,will get more faster speed on starhub mobile broadband.but if don’t download ,
    sign up for what. very suck….

  37. cat Says:

    I have had the most expensive starhub package for 3 years , supposed to be 100M but is garbage, In tokyo I had a 5m line which was blazing fast in comparison, Last week starhub called to tell me if I signed up for another 2 years my charge would drop to around 150 a month from the 200 I pay now for internet and TV , I told them the internet speed was garbage and I would terminate if they didnt fix it , an engineer came round and told me for starters that the modem they gave me was a slow one and the theoretical max speed I could ever have was 20M , this after paying for 100M for 3 years , last night I rented a movie on apple tv , it was still downloading this morning , In tokyo on a 20 times slower line I could watch apple TV movies real time , I now suspect either starhub block use they dont like such as skype or downloading or just have useless technology , I am now going to go through the hoops to get singtel but I worry if I get their 15m package which seems to be the fastest they offer it will be even worse …..

  38. john tan Says:

    Hello Mr.Ong,

    Thanks for those interesting/helpful articles.

    Could you kindly assist as i am no expert on IT etc.

    I am using a Dell Dimension 4500, pentium 4 Win.Xp.
    on Singtel JetPack Prolink ADSL Modem for the last few years.

    I used to received 3.4mbps on dial up, but since last month it has
    drop to 1mbps.
    My useage is for personnal e-mail very limited, youtube/stomp
    and ocassionally viewing free movies on the net.
    youtube used to be smooth, but lately is had lagged, stop and go.ha.

    Approached Singtel, Sale rep. wants me to upgrade, throw away
    modem-too old etc… to upgrade to pay higher prices etc.

    Is there a solution to these, would appreciate your comments pls.

    Thanks and have a fruitful day.

  39. Broy Says:

    I’m using Starhub’s service right now and honestly, I feel that it’s so much better than my previous SingNet plan because SingNet always give me sick problems like random disconnections, weird errors like Hotmail not working, and yes, their customer service is totally useless. Not to mention, there were times where the whole housing estate’s SingNet internet was completely cut off.

    Had been with SingNet for 6 years and I couldn’t tolerate the unreliable service (P.S. I memorized their 1800-848-6933 because I call it WAY TOO OFTEN) and eventually went over to Starhub. To me, it’s reliable, hassle-free and not as slow as what many readers here had said. I’m able to stream videos pretty well and surf the net pretty quickly too, probably after much improvement since this entry was written.

    On the other hand, I’ve heard my friends say that the MiOTV box is causing them lots of trouble such as incapability of using the internet when the desktop is connected to the internet, the box disconnecting frequently, etc.

    I’ve lost faith in SingNet and SingTel and the bad experience for 6 years is enough evidence for myself to stop using their services.

  40. Fei Says:

    Hi! I was using Singtel Broadband-on-mobile for few years cos i move every now and then, until recently i got my own place and the reception & speed was lousy. I had very bad impression of singtel’s customer service, and very reluctant to continue on singtel.

    your post has been very helpful, however i wud like to ask if any change in your position till now? as i have friends who use either singtel or starhub, they mention service is similar.

    and recently m1 launched their dsl and cable internet too, so im wondering if anyone has tried that alry?

  41. jc Says:

    starhub customer service best? which number have you been calling? my experience has been, unless i wait on the line for more than half hour, i am unlikely to get through to the service person. this just shows either they have not got enough customer support person, or a lot of their users are experiencing issues …

  42. SeniorSM Says:

    Yes, Singnet’s customer service is rather poor, both tech and non. I recently experience inconsistency on my broadband. Then my home phones went out off service occassionally which can only be corrected by switching the modem off/on again. The technical guy said was due to the loop-back and he removed it. I am now left with only one phone working and the broadband inconsistency still not fixed. He did not changed the modem. Subsequently, when I request to reinstate the loop-back in order that my other phones can work, they said they can no longer support it, leaving me with a down graded package after 1 year on the mio plan. I felt cheated, frustrated and disappointed. Anyone in similar situation?

  43. Hi Says:


    I am facing extremely slow connection and some websites loading without images… on Starhub max online since this evening. What could be the problem ?

  44. Ashwini Says:

    In the $80-90 (Premium service) broadband, Starhub wins handsdown. If anyone needs comparision – read on:

    Conclusion 1: Starhub is twice as fast
    Why: I still have my Starhub connection as my contract is still valid for a month. So I tested the speed for both (30MBps Starhub v/s 10MBps Singtel).
    The results were stunning – consistently. The average from six samples through taken three different times during the day – morning, noon, evening:
    Starhub: Upload – 20.1 Mbps, Download: 1.2Mbps
    Singtel; Upload – 10 Mbps, Download: 0.98 Mbps

    Conclusion 2. Singtel Wi-Fi coverage is inadequate for a three room apartment
    Singtel’s bundeled router is ancient Wireless-G not Wireless-N!!
    Simply put, one would get nearly half the wireless range with G compared to N.
    I now have one room in my apartment that’s not covered.

    Since I am IT literate, I did want to confirm Wireless N before I signed up. And, their sales staff verbally confirmed to me that their router was N indeed.

    Their phone support confirmed it’s not. So either sales guy was mis-infrmed OR was simply lying.

    After having been with Starhub for a flawless 10 years.
    My 2 cents (or $85 * 24 months) worth of advice is – stay away from Singtel, if you do not like any of these – bad performance, mis-informed sales reps (or liars).

  45. Ashwini Says:

    .. I should mention.. I came to understand their router was “G” only after they installed it yesterday, which is when I called their support line to find out about the promised N router.

    To their credit, the support agent was smart to the extent that he understood what I was talking about, at the third repetition. And, of course, courteous enough to profusely apologise for the error before starting every sentence and also before ending every sentence too.

  46. kiever Says:

    yea i try to googling the topic “starhub so slow” and “singnet so slow” and i conclude that both ISP connection are UNSTABLE and UNRELIABLE at certain times.

    Technologically speaking, singnet is better because the independent ADSL tech, but logically, singnet also has limited bandwith there. So as if starhub users compete locally, we can say that singnet users actually compete nationally. In other words, during the peak duration, both ISP will suffer from lack of bandwith, it’s unavoidable and to do nothing with either adsl or cable tech.

    For users who suffer laggy and slow experience during peak hours, I recommend to try reset your modem to hopefully refresh your connection and get a better bandwith. After all those who subscribe to 100mbps starhub, i can tell that it’s such a waste of money, it’s useless because you can even lose competing with those who subcribe to like 8mbps.

  47. Biotin Dosage : Says:

    Cable Internet is still the best compared to DSL because of the use of shilelded cables .

  48. Bottled Water : Says:

    broadband services these days are getting and cheaper and faster too, very soon we would have an affordable Gigabit internet*

  49. Encryption Softwares Says:

    what i like about cable internet is that it is almost immune to electrical noise which always degrades DSL lines .’.

  50. rob Says:

    I had StarHub and shifted to SingTel recently. Must say, my experience with SingTel is very bad – the internet is down for more than 20 minutes a day. I have been complaining to them for over a month – and they replace stuff every two weeks – the microfilter, the wire, the router.

    The technician seems to be unable to understand and diagnose the root cause of the problem. Even after getting the matter escalated, and supposedly fixed, it did not work.

    I am now using my StarHub 3G internet. Even the 3G internet is much more reliable than Singtel.

  51. Washington Says:

    I have been subscribing to Starhub’s mobile broadband service for the past 3 years. I transferred from M1 to Starhub 3 years ago because I noticed that SH offers the highest bandwith 7.2Mbps. However, starting from mid/late 2010 I feel that the connection is getting lousy & lousier. It’s getting worse in 2011 to a point that I can tolerate no longer, I download at barely fraking 10kbps. I wonder if Singtel or M1 provide better services nowadays.. Especially for heavy down/uploaders.

    If they are not fixing this connection issue soon, I’m planning to transfer to either M1 or Starhub. From what I know of my friends who use a shared network of M1 (using wireless router), each can even download at least at 80kbps. They subscribe on much slower bandwith plan at cheaper price.

  52. Ryan Says:

    Hi.. Do help me decide which is better for me thanks in advance..

    am currently using singtel old 1mbps service, i’m a heavy gamer who hates lags splits etc. internet bandwidth is often shared with my sis who downloads movies all the time and not forgetting my dad who uses internet for work sometimes. my needs are only internet. dun need tv or home phone.

    Singtel 15mbps 47.9
    Singtel 100mbps 69.9
    (internet service only have not add home line cost )

    Starhub 16mbps 59.92
    Starhub 100mbps 124.12

    • Leonard Ong Says:

      Hi Ryan,

      Latency wise, fibre optics offer the lowest latency. I am going to update my post, so please stay tune for 2011 version of ISP comparison.
      Those who have migrated to Fiber are divided either finding it very fast and very slow. Personally, I would suggest you to stick with SingTel ADSL, as you can always upgrade anytime to Fibre (no premium contract), but once you’re locked to fibre, you’re stuck for two years.

      Starhub has improved in speed recently but it is still depending on how saturated the link in your area. Thus ADSL may be more stable in that sense.

      • Ryan Says:

        Thanks.. have checked M1 also.. They have both cable and ADSL service. and its cheaper.. but weather will DC or lag i cant find any comment bout it yet.. maybe due to less people using.. and yea.. i’ll be looking forward to ur new ISP comparison

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